Laptop Sleeves

Nowadays, laptop sleeves are not just carrying cases, designed to hold your laptops. These bags are now decorative accessories that come in a variety of latest styles, new designs, colors and patterns and are absolute must-haves in the wardrobe. From fabric laptop sleeves to waterproof ones, laptop sleeves are available for all sizes of laptops and come with a great degree of cushioning and support to avoid damage, along with making your laptops more manageable. Sleeves come in a wide range of prices, new designs, latest styles and are usually available in most departmental stores and even online in India for cheap! If you are looking for the latest styles or looking to buy laptop sleeves online for cheap in India, then you have come to the right place. Come and take a look at the wide variety of new designs and brands from our online store and take your pick. Not only do these laptop sleeves shield your laptops from damage, they can also add to your personality and make an interesting fashion statement. Bowled over with the latest styles and new designs yet? Wait till you learn more about the different options for stylish laptop sleeves below that are available online for cheap in India.

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Types of Laptop Sleeves


Leather Laptop Sleeves

Leather laptop sleeves are classy and costly. Forget those boring laptop bags and get in trend with classic Italian or composite leather laptop sleeves. Leather laptop sleeves are stronger, made of high quality leather and provide a greater degree of cushioning and support for laptops. These come in a wide variety of finishes and interior cloth lining for additional protection. From textured leather to designer leather laptop sleeves and composite leather laptop sleeves, take your pick!


Vinyl Laptop Sleeves

Vinyl is a great substitute to leather and is quickly catching up as a popular choice of material for laptop sleeves. Not only do these laptop sleeves look like they have the leather finish, they are also easily available and cheap. The only drawback about Vinyl laptop sleeves is that these are generally designed for short-term use and have to be disposed after a while, but offer great protection from grime and dust. What’s even better is that Vinyl laptop sleeves allows for regular cleaning and is also a popular canvas for graphic artists and teenagers who would like to customize their laptop sleeves with artwork or designs.


Waterproof Laptop Sleeves

Now, even if you drop your laptop in a bucket of water, you wouldn’t have to worry if you have a quality waterproof laptop sleeve protecting the laptop. Just as the name suggests, waterproof laptop sleeves are especially popular because they can dodge downpours and are a little more padded than the regular laptop sleeves. A special thinner material is used to cover and protect the laptop sleeve that doesn’t allow water to seep in. Not only are these becoming extremely popular in the market, these also make colorful and stylish statements when you tote them around.


Fabric Laptop Sleeves

Fabric laptop sleeves are most decorative. From synthetic fabric to canvas and jute laptop sleeves, these come in a wide range of styles, patterns and colors. Most fabric laptop sleeves are durable and are perfect for wear and tear use, along with looking attractive. Apart from being easy to manage and protecting the laptop from moisture, dust and dirt, these laptop sleeves also make attractive accessories in the wardrobe.


Rubber Laptop Sleeves

Rubber laptop sleeves are suitable for rough use and have are the hottest buys in the market today, according to recent surveys. Not only do they avoid damage to a laptop’s finish, they are also made of good quality rubber, with a water-resistant layer of protection and a warranty. Rubber laptop sleeves also allow for customization and prove to be lifelong buffers for laptops.

The most convenient way to land your hands on these stylish laptop sleeves is to buy them online instead of hunting for them in the market. So, what are you waiting for? Log onto our website and buy the latest laptop sleeves for dirt-cheap prices.